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What we have to offer to you is not just another cheap website. What we offer is a tool that you can use in your everyday routine in your museum. A tool that can be the heart of your new marketing strategy.

Social Media seems to be the word of the time but not, because it is neat but because everybody is using it. And that´s the point: If everybody is using it, your museum should use it, too!

So here we start with a system for your new website that gives you every possibility to join your visitors on whatever social media platform they or you choose to.

And that system also gives you and your stuff the possibility to administer your website yourself – in your daily routine. And it´s really easy, just a few days of training and you and your stuff can put the content on your website that you choose – no commission-business needed anymore.

And that that system is open source and by that very low cost is quiet neat but not the point.

The system ist WordPress – a blog system that has been developed over the last 2 or 3 years as a full CMS to administer your website. Even though the functionality has become pretty advanced the usability is still superb – just as easy as writing in your editing program. But even that is not the point why we choose to work with it.

We love the almost endless possibilities that is given to the system by modularity. Just by a few clicks you can add plug ins to the system – so if there should be any new trend there will be a new plug in that will make your website ready for the new trend.

So if that central instrument for your new marketing strategy is launched we can start to create your new strategy right away – with workshops, strategies or even with editorial help. All you have to do to start with this is to fill out the form and contact us. We´re looking forward to support your new way of getting into touch with your visitors.